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Citizen Artist
The text of Ciaran Carty’s book is matched throughout by scores of artworks in..
Ex Tax: €30.00
Catalogue of exhibition of Self Portraits, Wexford Arts Centre, 2010. Essays by Declan Kiberd and Ro..
Ex Tax: €25.00
Portrait of the Artist Micheal Farrell
Catalogue of exhibition, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, 2003. Essay by Brian O’Doherty. 36 pages full c..
Ex Tax: €15.00
Raft of the Medusa
Catalogue of Exhibition by Robert Ballagh, essay by Philip Vann, 16 pages full colour. Dimensions: 1..
Ex Tax: €10.00
Robert Ballagh – Artist and Designer
Retrospective Exhibition, RHA Gallery, Dublin 2006. Essays by Declan Kiberd and Ciaran Carty. Fully..
Ex Tax: €25.00
Catalogue of exhibition, Crawford Gallery, Cork 2013. Essays by Peter Murray, Ciaran Carty, Theo Dor..
Ex Tax: €20.00
The Robert Ballagh Monograph
This exclusive monograph which chronicles the life and work of the Irish artist Robert Ballagh is pu..
Ex Tax: €2,000.00
Tir Is Teanga / Land and Language
Catalogue of exhibition, The Pearse Centre, Dublin. Fully illustrated, bi-lingual essays by Declan K..
Ex Tax: €15.00
Works form the Studio
Exhibition Catalogue, The Gorry Gallery, Dublin 2006. Essay by Philip Vann, interview with Kirim Whi..
Ex Tax: €15.00